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Good Night Dear Man

Originally posted on The Chatter Blog:
Good night dear man. The air is fresh Your free To breathe. Sing.  Laugh. Fly. Go! With the wind. On the wind. Breathe!!! Dear Beautiful Man! Breathe Free. Eternally. Good Night from here Dear…

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Before the Sun Closes Her Eyes

A very valuable post, especially in light of our discovering that Lady’s appetite is leaving, singling that our days with her are numbered. It is with a heavy heart, yet a grateful heart that I share this. And I pray … Continue reading

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How Do You Spell Love? DOG!

Of course I was in a hurry. Of course I ran into these dogs and their foster parents. Of course I spent an hour with these adorable canines and their remarkable rescuers. Of course I missed my appointment and drained…

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Meet Monty

Originally posted on The Venomous Bead:
Monty Monty was born three weeks ago, but his mother rejected him. So, instead of being outside with this lot: Four baby lambs, two three weeks old, two a fortnight old. Monty is living…

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For all dog lovers, a grrrrrrreat little video. And, stop by to say hello to my friend, generous blogger and all around great guy, JK Bevill.

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Giraffe Manor Nairobi

Originally posted on Passionate about Pets:
Giraffe Manor is a unique property and hotel in the Lang’ata suburb of Nairobi, Kenya, famous for its resident herd of endangered Rothschild giraffes that live in the extensive grounds of the manor house. Every…

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Originally posted on the Misadventures of Misaki:
Yesterday when I was out walking with my buddy Sebastian we met up with Alfie, a rottweiler puppy. I’ve seen him before when I was out with daddy but I got to introduce…

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Rules for Being Human

Originally posted on Chasing Rabbit Holes:
RULES FOR BEING HUMAN 1. YOU WILL RECEIVE A BODY. You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours for the entire period of this time around. 2. YOU WILL LEARN…

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Art Knowledge: Do you know your art “details” ? by Carl D’Agostino

Originally posted on I Know I Made You Smile:
The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap:Really clever and fun post to stimulate a few gray cells and have a lovely walk down art history . “I know I Made You Laugh” is a great site for fun and to get one … Continue reading

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End Of An Era…

Originally posted on seyisandradavid:
Nelson Mandela has gone the way of all mortals but his legacy lives on. I just heard the news of his passing and I couldn’t help it as a shudder passed through my body at the news.…

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The Garden by the River

“It is simply necessary to love,” Claude Monet. This post, this site, this woman, Rebecca, are all equally a thing of great beauty.

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I Will Not Let You Go

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
This woman spent 3 hours holding the horse’s head above the tide after it got stuck in the mud on a beach in Australia. The horse was later rescued, unharmed.  

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Originally posted on poet4justicedotwordpressdotcom:
Dear friends, Tibetans who refuse to fly the Chinese flag above their homes risk being beaten or shot in the latest attempt to break their spirits. But now is the best moment in ages to…

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Coffee Anyone?

Originally posted on A Daily Thought:
Some People Should Never, Ever Quit Their Day Jobs Kazuki Yamamoto is a Japanese barista who constructs eye-popping works of 3D art using just foam and coffee. Try Asking for One of These at Starbucks…

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On a lighter side

Originally posted on The Seeker:
Sharing another video on a lighter side.  Most enjoyable and for general viewers. Thank you, inspirationenergy

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Teaser Tuesday (Oct. 22)

Got a surprise shout out from the lovely authoress of Charron’s Chatter. I’m in really great company with The Eye Dancers’ Michael Feldison. Thank you so much, Karen.

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Fable of the Hedgehog

Originally posted on Passionate about Pets:
  Do you have people in your life who annoy the hell out of you? Sure you do, none of us are perfect – but if we learned to live with the imperfections of…

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Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Originally posted on Clowie's Corner:
At this time of year, we often wake up to an upside down world where we’re above the clouds. Above the clouds! There aren’t many minutes each morning to get a decent photograph. My…

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Karma Bites…. Me

Originally posted on Rumpydog:
This weekend I did something that fills the nightmares of almost every mother in the world. I took a child from its mother. I didn’t take this step lightly. I didn’t do it without support from…

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Christoph Fischer’s Three Nation Trilogy

Originally posted on tazziesplace:
The talented Christoph Fischer The Luck of the Weissensteiners (Three Nations Trilogy Book 1) In the sleepy town of Bratislava in 1933 a romantic girl falls for a bookseller from Berlin. Greta Weissensteiner, daughter of a…