His Name Was Ben receiving accolades

What a great way to start this Sunday with a review from A Reader’s Favorite site. I’m very grateful they found, read, and reviewed my book His Name Was Ben.

A link for their site: https://readersfavorite.com/authors-area

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Reviewed By Patricia Day for Readers’ Favorite

His Name Was Ben by Paulette Mahurin is an excellent, heartfelt book. It follows the growing relationship between Sara and Ben. They are each dealing with different forms of cancer, which take them along separate routes until they are referred to a particular specialist clinic. This is a tender story of coming to grips with nightmare situations of broken relationships and of dealing with cancer. As the story develops, we are privileged in getting to know Ben and Sara intimately as they handle the ups and downs of illness and hope for a miracle.

Despite the fact that this is a story of illness, it is so beautifully written with such great compassion and insight that the reader walks alongside each of these special people as they handle day-by-day events. The fact that the story is based upon a true happening makes it very poignant. Having said that, do not think it is a morbid book. It is sad. It is engaging and uplifting, and is ultimately hopeful. Each person supports the other as they learn to trust and to love again. Ben and Sara showed strength beyond the capability of many, and their love eventually transformed their lives.

I found the story sad, of course, but it is so well written that I could not put the book down. There are moments when a box of tissues would be useful! Paulette has covered every aspect of their lives, struggles, and strengths, and I can highly recommend this read. I am sure you will enjoy it just as much as I did. A beautiful story of courage and love.

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A beautiful story of courage and love. Thank you so much for the opportunity to read this very sad, yet captivating story.

About The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

The year 1895 was filled with memorable historical events: the Dreyfus Affair divided France; Booker T. Washington gave his Atlanta address; Richard Olney, United States Secretary of State, expanded the effects of the Monroe Doctrine in settling a boundary dispute between the United Kingdom and Venezuela; and Oscar Wilde was tried and convicted for "gross indecency" under Britian's recently passed law that made sex between males a criminal offense. When the news of Wilde's conviction went out over telegraphs worldwide, it threw a small Nevada town into chaos. This is the story of what happened when the lives of its citizens were impacted by the news of Oscar Wildes' imprisonment. It is chronicle of hatred and prejudice with all its unintended and devastating consequences, and how love and friendship bring strength and healing. Paulette Mahurin, the author, is a Nurse Practitioner who lives in Ojai, California with her husband Terry and their two dogs--- Max and Bella. She practices women's health in a rural clinic and writes in her spare time. All profits from her book are going to animal rescue, Santa Paula Animal Shelter, the first and only no-kill shelter in Ventura County, CA, where she lives. (see links below on Ventura County Star Article & Shelter) To find out more please go the The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap on facebook or Amazon or e-mail us at the gavatar addresses. Thank you. (photos: of Paulette, her family, and a reading at The Ojai Art Center, July 2012)
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43 Responses to His Name Was Ben receiving accolades

  1. tazzielove says:

    That’s a great review. Kudos.

  2. It is a fantastic book. LOVE it . Congratulations

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  4. That is a great way to start a Sunday!

  5. Jean-Jacques says:

    Obviously… those of us who have read your books can but concur with this current and prior naturally positive well deserved reviews. I for one, and I’ve no doubt all other readers of your books, encourage those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing your work not to miss out on these fabulous stories. Paulette’s work is not to be missed!

  6. natuurfreak says:

    Great review gives me such a warm feeling too

  7. Very lovingly done.

  8. Such a good review….it must help to save more dogs.

    • Hi Helen, Hope all’s well your end. I’ve had attention on you and your hubby since your last post. And a big thank you for your kind words here. I also hope it helps get some fur babies out of shelters. I have a backlog of photos I need to post when I get a breather. This year so far we’ve contributed to rescuing 22 dogs from kill shelters. Stay tuned for more photos to follow. ❤

  9. Just shows how enduring your work is! HURRAH! 🙂 ❤

  10. Woo hoo. Looks good on YOU. Fantastic, Paulette. What a review.

  11. Deziz World says:

    ConCats, dat’s a gweat review. We’s sendin’ big hugs.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  12. Congratulations. Well deserved ❤

  13. Oh, Paulette, this is such a wonderful review and in our opinion, well deserved 🙂 Extra Pawkisses for the occasion 🙂 ❤

  14. I forgot to say I read your book while I was in Arizona. I wanted to tell you, then I got caught up in all the coming home stuff. The book is very super. Books like that are hard for me having been there myself and having lost my mother, brother, and many friends to cancer. Still losing them, actually, though it’s running neck and neck with heart disease these days. Very well written and very real. Thank you.

  15. Hello Marilyn, Thank you so much for this lovely yet poignant communication. It is a very hard subject to deal with, cancer, not just for the loss but for the medical process that patients can go through. I was really surprised when in my oncology rotation I met a lot of patients/wonderful people who inspired me. That helped shine a completely different light on the dreaded “C” word. With advancements today there are some fortunate resolutions like in this story but still with others we’ve a way to go. My heart is with you concerning your losses. It’s never easy. And you are so right about it being neck-n-neck with heart disease. As we age the losses pile up and hopefully we have the support and warmth of heart (loving memories) to sustain us through these challenging years. I’m always here for a chat so please feel free to drop by any time. I so love your post and your magnificent relationship with your beautiful husband. You two radiate a lot of love. Take care. Paulette

  16. BroadBlogs says:

    What a great review! Sounds like a wonderful book, well worth reading.

  17. kellyelizabethhatley says:

    Just purchased a copy of your book on my kindle. Off to read in bed now. Thank you.

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