54 dogs rescued from kill shelters

I’m deeply grateful to everyone who has purchased, read, and taken the time to review one of my books. Profits from my books go to help get dogs like Calvin, Bella, and bonded siblings Lobo & Anthrax (see photos below) out of kill shelters.  So far in 2021, 54 dogs have been rescued. In 2020, 157 dogs were rescued. In 2019, 409 dogs were rescued. In 2018, 670 dogs were rescued. In 2017 we helped free 904 dogs. In 2016, 250 dogs were freed. In 2015, 149 dogs were freed.

And please for everyone who’s purchased a book could I humbly ask you to write a review when you’ve completed the read.  Amazon promotes and ranks books according to number of reviews in addition to sales. Every voice helps spread the word and that is an energy that can help a dog.

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LoveLit5.0 out of 5 stars *****A ray of hope inside a dark, human tragedy Reviewed in the United States on August 31, 2021Verified Purchase Over the hedge is a heartfelt account of the members of the Dutch Resistance saved nearly a thousand Jewish children during the German Occupation. Mahurin’s brilliant storytelling and characterization brings to life Walter Suskind, Johan van Hulst, and Henriette Pimentel as they risk their own lives to smuggle Jewish children to safety even as their parents are shipped off to Auschwitz.
It is not always easy to read a historical about these times; but it is necessary if we are to remember what happened and learn not only of mistakes made, but also of heroes who helped overcome the evils of war. Paulette Mahurin has a wonderful way of humanizing these historical figures and putting us in the story. This is one of her best.

Michael4.0 out of 5 stars ****An emotional read! Reviewed in the United States on September 2, 2021 It took me a little while to get into this book because early on it felt more like I was reading a text book rather than a historical fiction that was based on true events. But as I got to know the characters and feel their passion and determination to save the Jewish children, I couldn’t help but love the story. Walter, Henriette, Johan and so many others may not have fought on the front lines, but they fought a battle of their own while risking their lives to save others. I hope through Paulette Mahurin’s book that their heroic actions are never forgotten.

Definitely recommending this book!

*I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

reader20105.0 out of 5 stars *****Based in fact.Reviewed in the United States on September 2, 2021Verified Purchase That is the most important thing to know. In the times we are living in when hate is again rising, we need to remember that some people did all the good they knew how under threat of death. This is a story of the triumph of good over evil. It’s good to be reminded of this. Great book on a terrible time in history.

Jean M. Roberts5.0 out of 5 stars *****Powerful but Painful Story Reviewed in the United States on September 3, 2021 Reviewer’s Note: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
The Plot in Brief: This is the fictionalized story of the rescue of Jewish children from Amsterdam, saving them from deportation to the camps and almost certain death.
The Characters: The three main characters in this novel are based on real people; Walter Suskind, a German Jew, Johan van Hulst, a Christian and Henriette Pimentel, a Sephardic Jew. Mahurin does a good job of fleshing out their personalities, motivations and conflicts. Suskind works in a Nazi processing center, sending his fellow Jews to their deaths. Johan, principal of a teachers college, risks his life to save the children of a different faith and Henriette, who runs a day care must choose which children will live.
The History: This is a very moving story, hard to read and easy to stand in awe of the brave acts that could and did result in the deaths of some of the characters. I thought the author did a super job building the story and setting the scene for what was an amazing scheme to sneak children to safety right under the noses of the Nazis.
The Writing: The book is well edited with a good flow, but I found the writing a bit lacking in descriptive details. This is a terrible story, all holocaust stories are, and they deserve to be told with respect and dignity, and let’s face it, they are painful to read. But, as a reader, I need to feel connected to the author’s story not just the characters. To me, this book came off a bit cold and dry as if the author was just telling the story without any attempt to build tension, suspense or drama. Other, readers may well appreciate the spare telling of this powerful story.
Overall: I thought this was an important story, well told. I appreciated the history and felt I learned more about the Nazi occupation of Holland and the treatment of the Jews of Amsterdam. Books like these are not fun to read, they are painful, but necessary, reminders that humans are capable of the basest of cruelties, even towards innocent children.

Linda Jamsen5.0 out of 5 stars *****The enduring human spirit shines through Reviewed in the United States on September 3, 2021Verified Purchase This is a heartwrenching, riveting story of three courageous members of the Resistance who risked their lives to save Jewish children during the Nazi Occupation of Holland. Although I am familiar with similar stories of Dutch citizens, most notably that of Miep Gies, who helped the Frank family in hiding, I wasn’t aware of the efforts of this heroic trio. (One of them later served as Senator from the Netherlands and was also a European Parliament member.) Without hesitation and under extreme duress, they secretly moved children at risk of deportation to Nazi concentration camps, first to a daycare center, then across a hedge to the neighboring college. From there, they were taken in by Dutch families, although tragically, never saw their parents again.

This is a difficult read due to the extreme and senseless violence and abuse inflicted on innocent Jews. It’s also painful to read how the Occupation turned family members and friends against one another in order to make 7,5 guilders, or the price on a Jewish head. The author does a good job of keeping each of the story threads open and intriguing. It’s a suspenseful read which you’ll want to continue to the end because you hope against all hope that all three—and the 600-plus children they saved—will survive. I won’t give away the ending but will admit I needed a tissue or two.

Kudos to the author for this engaging book on a tough subject. Her research was very thorough, and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she has a personal connection to someone in the story, perhaps one of the children who survived.

Crystal Clifton5.0 out of 5 stars *****Such an amazing book Reviewed in the United States on September 9, 2021 Over the Hedge is set in WW2 during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Its about a group of people Walter, Johan, Henriette and many others who rescue Jewish children that are destined for concentration camps. Its heart wrenching and can tear you up as you root for the heroes who save these children who are torn from their parents. They are risking their own lives helping these children. It reads like a movie and in fact would make an amazing one. Paulette gave me an arc of this book in return for an honest review. I truly would recommend this to everyone who loves historical books.

Freeza3795.0 out of 5 stars*****Another moving story from a talented writer Reviewed in the United States on September 24, 2021Verified Purchase Over the hedge is the incredible story of three brave citizens; Walter, Henriette & Johan, who saved Jewish children during a dark period of history. They weren’t soldiers or diplomats, just regular people who knew right from wrong and were unwilling to put their own safety ahead of their morals.
Their plan was clever and made use of the tools that they had access to as members of their community. A college campus, a daycare.
Over the hedge is a brilliant piece of writing and a very human gaze at the horrors of the that time. It’s a must read for any interested in history and the human condition.*


Fifty Sheds of Books VINE VOICE 5.0 out of 5 stars *****Over the Hedge Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 September 2021Verified Purchase Paulette Mahurin is my favourite historical novelist. She has a good eye for history and for what makes a gripping story.

Over the Hedge is set in 1943 during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. The story features the Dutch resistance and their heroic efforts to save Jewish children.

When the going gets tough, as we can witness in our own time, some people collaborate with the forces of evil, most shrug or turn a blind eye, which is as good as collaborating, while a brave, remarkable few offer resistance. The story of resistance needs to be told and needs to echo down the centuries. In Paulette Mahurin we have an excellent chronicler of these heroic, heartbreaking events.

Remarkably, we live in an age when some people deny the Holocaust actually took place, despite the mountain of historical evidence. For the memory of those who suffered and to challenge the evil that exists today we need novelists like Paulette Mahurin to keep the flame of truth alive.

Of course, this story could have been told as fact, but in the hands of a skilful novelist a gripping story can become even more memorable and moving, and that is certainly true of Over the Hedge.

S Saywack5.0 out of 5 *****stars a hard hitting miving novel Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 September 2021 A hard hitting and moving novel, denoting the work of many individuals who sought to save as many children as they could from Nazi tyranny in the Netherlands. It is frightfully sad in places, especially to know that the novel is fiction based on fact. Thete are many books about the genocide and this one sits well in the canon of thise works. It is well worth a read, but it is a diffucult read at times.


Joy Lynn Goddard5.0 out of 5 stars *****A little gem Reviewed in Canada on September 12, 2021Verified Purchase In Over the Hedge, Paulette Mahurin takes us to Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation in 1943, where she shines a light on the heroic efforts of ordinary people who save Jewish children from the death camps. Walter, who is running a deportation centre, falsifies records and gives the children to Henriette, the Jewish woman across the street from him at the daycare. Then she hands the children over the backyard hedge to Johan, the principal of the Teacher’s College, next door. Hiding in boxes, baskets, and bins, the children make their way towards the open arms of foster families who keep them safe from Nazi terror. To say scenes in this book moved me—a baby ripped from her parent’s arms, a father shot in the head, people everywhere cowering from the Nazis’ contempt, and so much more—is a gross understatement. The author does an excellent job of portraying the indomitable spirit of these ordinary people who risked their lives to do what was right. Hundreds benefitted from their efforts. And when depicting the Nazis, Mahurin did just as good a job of showing the underbelly of humanity.
The author gets inside the heads of the three protagonists very well; I felt their fear, turmoil, and heartbreak. My father was a soldier in the Canadian Army in World War 2, but he wouldn’t talk about it much. It was too painful. Most of my knowledge about World War 2 comes from reading the dusty curriculum in school. Over the Hedge offers so much more. It wasn’t hard to rate this little gem five stars.


Stephanie F, Reviewer ****

Excellent book about the brave people who risked their lives to save Jewish children during WW2. The title was very appropriately chosen; many of these little ones were rescued by being smuggled through secret passageways hidden in tall, overgrown shrubbery. The children were then concealed in packing boxes or laundry bags and taken away to foster families. Truly amazing that so many men and women were able to successfully outwit the evils of Hitler’s “Final Solution”, at least in part, by putting their own lives in great jeopardy. **Thank you, Netgalley, for a free copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are strictly my own.**

Naira A, Reviewer *****

This was an extremely powerful reach and absolutely gut wrenching. Our history is far too big for one piece of information to guide you for the rest of your life, so when you do get something even more valuable to learn, it really hits you with the sudden realisation that there is truly so much in our history you aren’t aware of. This was heart wrenching and it really hit me in ways I was unaware of at first. This was really interesting and I will 100% be checking out the authors other works and any future works from now on. 5 out of 5 stars!

 Reviewer 874688*****

As it is widely known, WWII was a period of time where humanity went through darkness and evil, however, there was light to fend off the darkness at a certain extent, from the hands of those who refused to witness evil without doing something to help.

As I mentioned on another review, I applaud sincerely the intent of bringing this kind of stories into public awareness, especially during these trying times when we are still going through a pandemic, when there are a lot of social causes we might need to do something to help others. Works like this one are a good source of inspiration on how when there is a will, there might be a way, and we can be resourceful in times of need.

Over the Hedge is the story 0f members of the Dutch Resistance who helped saving hundreds of Jewish children from a terrible fate. I truly enjoyed reading from their perspective, from the point of view of real characters who were helpful and in times of sacrifice, they made their contribution.

I loved how the author presented a perspective for each of the characters who at the end of the day were humans, who were facing the new reality they were dealt with, and how their personality is shown and the portrayal of each of them was nuanced, showing their humanity and the normal type of questioning, doubts they might have faced. I commend this book for telling the story of two Jews literally working for the Nazis, which could have been a sign of treachery during their time but it was powerful to see their own reckoning about having to endure so much pain and evil in order to help as much as they can. Also the story of Johan, a non-Jew coordinating the safe transport of little Jewish children smuggled to be saved from the Nazi is truly commendable. A Righteous Among The Nations, someone who risked his life saving others. Mr. van Hulst is a true inspiration for how one person can make a difference, even in the darkest of times.

Something I enjoyed too was the portrayal of some of the German military members who interacted with our main characters. I liked how Mahurin explored their backgrounds and it is interesting to think the motivations that caused a lot of people to support Hitler's genocidal quest. The way the author present that information is in no way to justify their actions or look for sympathy; I can see the usefulness behind, to understand how economic downturn and geopolitical mishaps can be used for some people for their own agenda's gain - and how, unfortunately, history can repeat itself if we as a society are not careful.

As a postnote, the author adds this quote by Simon Wiesenthal: "For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing." And I insist, stories like this can be inspirational to assess our own reality and see what can we do to help others, not to fall into inaction. Totally recommend reading this inspiring story of courage under evil, of kindness under loss.


Cynthia N, Reviewer *****

During the massive extermination of Jews, this group, the resistance found a way to smuggle children to safety using a hedge. These men and women put their lives on the line were so selfless. What an emotional read and yes, this was a very dark time in history. This book was well written and detailed the horror, pain, and suffering men, women, and children were subject to as well as the hero’s that put all on the line to rescue as many children as possible from certain death.


Calvin’s been rescued

Calvin’s freedom photo
Bella has been rescued
Bella’s freedom photo
bonded siblings Lobo & Anthrax have been rescued
bonded siblings Lobo & Anthrax info
Lobo & Anthrax’s freedom photo

About The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

The year 1895 was filled with memorable historical events: the Dreyfus Affair divided France; Booker T. Washington gave his Atlanta address; Richard Olney, United States Secretary of State, expanded the effects of the Monroe Doctrine in settling a boundary dispute between the United Kingdom and Venezuela; and Oscar Wilde was tried and convicted for "gross indecency" under Britian's recently passed law that made sex between males a criminal offense. When the news of Wilde's conviction went out over telegraphs worldwide, it threw a small Nevada town into chaos. This is the story of what happened when the lives of its citizens were impacted by the news of Oscar Wildes' imprisonment. It is chronicle of hatred and prejudice with all its unintended and devastating consequences, and how love and friendship bring strength and healing. Paulette Mahurin, the author, is a Nurse Practitioner who lives in Ojai, California with her husband Terry and their two dogs--- Max and Bella. She practices women's health in a rural clinic and writes in her spare time. All profits from her book are going to animal rescue, Santa Paula Animal Shelter, the first and only no-kill shelter in Ventura County, CA, where she lives. (see links below on Ventura County Star Article & Shelter) To find out more please go the The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap on facebook or Amazon or e-mail us at the gavatar addresses. Thank you. (photos: of Paulette, her family, and a reading at The Ojai Art Center, July 2012)
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    • Robin, so nice to see you here. Thank you for your kind words. Dogs are a passion for my husband and me. I’m happy to be able to do my small bit. And now you see that you have contributed to saving a life! Thank you for that! ❤ p.s. be sure to take some time off to relax this weekend and thanks for comment on my book. I absolutely loved your new poetry book!

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