PAULETTE MAHURIN’S BOOKS: http://www.amazon.com/Paulette-Mahurin/e/B008MMDUGO/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

And other Amazon sites around the world carry all Paulette’s books.

PROFITS FROM MY BOOKS ARE GOING TO the first and only no-kill animal shelter in Ventura County, CA., Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center  http://www.santapaulaarc.org/ ; The Canine Adoption Rescue League http://www.carldogs.org/ (http://carldogs.org/purchase-name-ben/); and to various rescues helping to get dogs out of kill shelters.

PRESS RELEASE: http://www.vcstar.com/lifestyle/ojai-authors-historical-novel-teaches-tolerance-benefits-animal-rescue-ep-363177738-351980511.html

TV interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwTwJdwfLRQ

BIO: Paulette Mahurin is an international best selling literary fiction and historical fiction novelist. She lives with her husband Terry and two dogs, Max and Bella, in Ventura County, California. She grew up in West Los Angeles and attended UCLA, where she received a Master’s Degree in Science.

Her first novel, The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap, made it to Amazon bestseller lists and won awards, including best historical fiction 2012 in Turning the Pages Magazine. Her second novel, His Name Was Ben, originally written as an award winning short story while she was in college and later expanded into a novel, rose to bestseller lists its second week out. Her third novel, To Live Out Loud, won international critical acclaim and made it to multiple sites as favorite read book of 2015. Her fourth book, The Seven Year Dress, made it to the bestseller lists for literary fiction and historical fiction on Amazon U.S., Amazon U.K. and Amazon Australia. Her fifth book, The Day I Saw The Hummingbird, was released in 2017 to rave reviews. Her sixth novel, A Different Kind of Angel, is due to be released in the summer of 2018.

Semi-retired, she continues to work part-time as a Nurse Practitioner in Ventura County. When she’s not writing, she does pro-bono consultation work with women with cancer, works in the Westminster Free Clinic as a volunteer provider, volunteers as a mediator in the Ventura County Courthouse for small claims cases, and involves herself, along with her husband, in dog rescue. Profits from her books go to help rescue dogs from kill shelters.

All new friends and visitors are welcome. Have a look around and please feel free to enter the conversations.

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  1. Alice VACHET says:

    Such a beautiful mission !

  2. natuurfreak says:

    A mission that you are doing very well.

  3. Mona lisa says:

    Such a lovely mission ! A mission that you are doing exceptionally well…I wish god favor u…

  4. paintdigi says:

    Fine posts, nice blog … Congratulations
    Welcome to see my creations:
    Happy weekend

  5. Always in my heart, my sweet unforgettable sis.

  6. You have been such a faithful follower of my blog for YEARS that you might die of shock (1) to see me here today, (2) to know that I JUST followed your blog, and (3) to know that I just ordered “The Persecution of . . .” for my Kindle. Congratulations on the success of your books, and thank you for helping to rescue all those dogs! Yours is a wonderful mission of mercy. –John

    • Hello John! It’s so great to see you stop by and thank you so much for letting me know you purchased my book. I certainly hope you enjoy the read. And thank you for the contribution that will go to help get dogs out of kill shelters. To date this year we’ve exceeded last year (148) and are currently at 157 dogs freed. I’m truly grateful for your energy in this endeavor. Again thank you so much. ❤

  7. Congrats on the publication of your book. I’ll have to check it out! ღ

  8. natuurfreak says:

    Good work you do again and again

  9. paintdigi says:

    Good posts, beautiful blog.
    Welcome to see my creations:

  10. Paulette–I finished reading this book and left a glowing review at Amazon!

  11. natuurfreak says:

    Wish you and all person you love a Merry Christmas

  12. Merry Christmas to you!!!!

  13. natuurfreak says:

    Wish you and all the one you love a happy and healthy 2017.Thanks to all the work you’ve done for the dogs

  14. natuurfreak says:

    Great intervieuw you given in 2013

  15. A Blogger’s Hello from Seminole, Florida!

    Just a short note of Hello and Thank You for comments, blog postings, or recommendations/links to other pages.
    For me, the whole process of writing and postings is painstaking, yet rewarding. Writing is never easy, even for this old retired English teacher, believe me.
    So please continue to “Write On!” –and continue to look at one of my stories occasionally.
    Warm regards,

    Jim O’Neil


    PS: The work you are doing is outstanding. Yet, I am a cat lover mostly….

  16. natuurfreak says:

    hallo Paulette
    I h&ve listening and looking to de tv interview.So i saw you and have now an image of you.Great interview.You are a good writer but also a fantastic talker.Congratulations with your book

  17. kelleysdiy says:

    Congratulations on the publishing of your book!!! Awesomeness!

  18. Heartafire says:

    Thanks for the links. I am for anything that benefits our efforts to rescue these helpless animals

  19. I just wrote my first book! 😊

  20. natuurfreak says:

    Thanks you a lot for all the things you do for the animals all time long

  21. lisarey1990 says:

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated your wonderful blog for the Real Neat Blog Award. You can find more information here:


  22. Aman Thakur says:

    Wow very nice, Keep posting such Fantastic Posts…:-):-):-)

  23. Paulette, cara, tu sei sempre nel mio cuore ❤️

  24. natuurfreak says:

    Hello Paulette I wish you and all the one you love a happy 2018 full of health and joy and thanks you again and again for all your work to help people and dogs and at last wish you a lot of succes bij writing your books

    • Hello Marylou, The beautiful wishes you bestowed upon us are wished right back to you and your family. Your support through the years, your beautiful nature posts and photography have been so uplifting and I look forward to more with you in 2018. Happy New Year! ❤

  25. lorriebowden says:

    Hello my friend! I have been thinking of you and praying for you and everyone who lives in California! I hope that you are okay and that you did not lose any property. We sit from afar and watch the news on television or the internet and it just seems so devastating and sad.
    Please know that I send good energy for healing from this trauma and a giant hug 💜💜

    • Thank you so much, Lorrie. This means so much to me and your kind-hearted energy will ripple along with with the bundles of love being sent to those in dire need. We evacuated for 5 days in the beginning of December then returned to be homebound with HEPA filters running 24/hours a day. Finally, close to 5 weeks later the air began to clear. And then the rain and our neighboring city, Montecito, was hit with devastation. The communities involved and impacted by the fire are gathering together and helping those in most need. Our motto: love spread faster than fire. Out of the ashes will come a lot of people bonded in acts of kindness and compassion. You have joined the circle and I can thank you enough. ❤

      • lorriebowden says:

        I’m so happy to hear from you and that you are ok!! It is so hard to understand that kind of devastation…and the only good thing about it is the way people come together…and forget about their ego-centric concerns- to look out for their neighbors…to pull together to help those in need. I’m so happy to hear that that is exactly what is happening. It shows beauty in an otherwise ugly situation.
        Sending love and healing 💜

  26. Thank you for following me and the storyhounds! We’re happy to return the compliment. 🙂

  27. support this 100% ❤

  28. A wonderful mission Mildred. 🌹

  29. Kudos for your advocacy and best wishes fr continued success. 😍

  30. ivor20 says:

    Hi Paulette, I bought another one of you books last week ( A Different Kind Of Angel, I’ve quite a collection now), it should be arriving in time for to read on the plane to New York…xx

  31. Such a nice mission!

  32. Thank you so much for your kind words. ❤️

  33. What a wonderful mission and done with passion.

  34. Ena says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog recently!

  35. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  36. A wonderful and essential mission! Brava!

  37. You’re an amazing advocate, my hats off to you! In an animal lover as well , these sweet beings that love us unconditionally! Thank you for the work you do!

  38. henrywest says:

    Thank you for your love and care.

  39. Well done!⭐️🌟🧡

  40. Free Fonts says:

    Great post, I like the picture

  41. I recently spoke about your blog to some friends. They were very motivated and are in the process of adopting strays. Really amazing work from your side

  42. Elisabetta says:

    Always in my heart, Paulette ❤️
    Kisses and hugs from Italy.

  43. Elisabetta says:

    Sempre nel mio cuore, Paulette ❤️
    Abbracci e baci dall’Italia!


  44. A beautiful mission indeed! There are so many abandoned pets due to the pandemic in the US, my region is offering rescue dogs fir just 5.00 dollars. I wish I could give them all a hone. Bless you!

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