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Letting the dogs out

Bless the kind hearts that help the vulnerable and voiceless.

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The growing Tara

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This post is dedicated to Tara’s Auntie Paw. Tara today Tara, 1 month ago Tara in March 2013 Tara when we got her 16/2/13 when she was 6 weeks old.

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“Debut novelist wins top San Diego award”

Originally posted on Lee Fullbright's Room:
The above header is a San Diego U-T headline, and I’m the “debut novelist.” The Angry Woman Suite (also a Discovery Award winner and Kirkus Critics’ Pick) is my baby—and I am still walking…

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Emma – 60 Minutes

Originally posted on Women Born Transsexual:

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How to train your humans

Originally posted on Seek and You Shall Find…:
How many times I told myself that animals are far more intelligent than humans?  If only I can communicate with them, there is much they can teach me.  Watch this. Need I…

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Before I Sleep

Originally posted on The Chatter Blog:
Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord this world to keep. Stop the madness, Enter gladness. Let kindness rule And hearts be full. Give us brains for peace. And dreams…

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A two-year-old dog…

Originally posted on poet4justicedotwordpressdotcom:
A two-year-old dog in Thailand has been credited with saving an abandoned newborn baby’s life after it carried the baby – which was in a plastic bag – from a landfill to its house and…

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They Took Away His Books

Oh, I loved this one. Short and amazingly wonderful. And, to Lady Budd’s site: if you like great, terrifically great, historical tidbits, this is the place to hang with the ever lovely AKA clanmother’s alternate site.

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Adult ducks find water for the first time

Makes me wonder about what happens to us, any of us (biped, furry, feathery, etc.) when our nature is suppressed. Little over a minute joyous vid of freed adult ducks.


Praying for family & friends in Colorado

My husband’s cousin sent us this e-mail and photo. I asked her if I could post it and ask for prayers for her family and all the rest suffering from the impact of the largest fire in Colorado’s history. It … Continue reading

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Quand dans mes bras tu t’abandonnes, When in my arms, you abandon yourself

A beautiful poem and photo for anyone who loves their furry child, for anyone who loves.

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A Girl’s Message to all Christians

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Great Friendships are the Best!

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The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap nominated by The Rainbow Project

I’m thrilled that The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap has been nominated by The Rainbow Project to be considered for their 2014 list. This is a great honor. The Rainbow Book List is a joint project of the Gay, Lesbian, … Continue reading

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Recent Amazon Reviews: Was surprised at how good this book was… Where do you stand?

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who read my book and took the time to write a review. In the name of tolerance and also because profits are going to help animals, I’m very grateful. A good one!, June 12, … Continue reading


“ Raison d’Être ” ~ by design ~

Originally posted on Poetry on a Canapé:
You plough Through life At first uncertain Of the reason, You learn endeavour Not sure of purpose For its season, Then search The darkness With youthful zeal, For meaning ‘Twould serve To understand,…

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Am I really tolerant?

I’m ashamed to say that I took a good look at myself after watching this video and saw a whole lot of change that can take place inside of me to learn what acceptance of another/tolerance really is. The thoughts … Continue reading

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Birds of a feather

If you love nature, birds, cats… this magnificently written prose is a wonderful read, filled with much wisdom and perspective.

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The Bread Winners: Roma & Sinti of Europe

Another shameful example of intolerance photographed and described by Cindy Knoke, whose photography is as good as it gets. Aside from this she has other breathtaking photos to peruse at her sight. This post, I had to share. Thank you, … Continue reading

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An Essay On Understanding Oscar Wilde, A Metaphor: A Different Perspective On Homosexuality In History by Paulette Mahurin While spotlights shine on same sex marriages and homophobia internationally and change is occurring at a reasonable pace, it took over a hundred years for the archaic Victorian law used to prosecute author Oscar Wilde to come under reform. … Continue reading